Songpol ankeiler homepageDr. Songpol Somsri is awarded for being an innovative durian breeder. Through his hybrids, this giant fruit has reached a wider audience. His newest endeavour is to breed a thornless variety. Read the interview…

Annop homepage ankeilerAnnop Ongsakul, here with a giant swamp taro, has found the tiniest known aroid, which now carries his name. “We are strange people, walking on terrible trails, bitten by mosquitoes and sucked by leeches.” Read the interview…

ferrero home 2Michael Ferrero recorded the palm trees of Papua New Guinea, Brazil, Cuba and Venezuela. Now he wants to explore Kalimantan. “It is going to be a race against time.” Read the interview…

Amherstia voor Palmtree-001Amherstia nobilis, alias Pride of Burma, radiates only for a few weeks, and only in the humid tropics. But the reward for your anxious waiting is a mass of dangling orchid-like flowers. See more pictures…

P1010035-001Tokyo’s skyline, dominated by high-rise, can be overpowering. But the space between the towering shopping malls, offices and flats shows comforting landscaping. See more pictures…

Tomb sweeping ankeiler homepageChinese cemeteries consist solely of little green hills connected by curving paths. Feng shui principles are considered of great importance for spiritual structures like tombs. Read the full story…

P1080070-001Elephant rides and Muay Thai boxing shows make the botanical garden Nong Nooch a major tourist attraction. But also lovers of palms and cycads jump for joy. Read the full story…


It all started with a nice plot of land but zero experience in tropical gardening. As luck had it, my neighbor is a palm expert and a botanical know-it-all. My yard filled up and flourished. This website is dedicated to people like him: passionate growers, masters in patience, and experts in perseverance. But I cannot hold back to also show the beauty of tropical flora and what it does to peoples’ lives.

Karolien Bais

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Omslag boek Ng

An indispensable book that is always within my reach. The Malaysian botanist Dr. Francis S.P. Ng presents a thousand species and their growing tips, based mainly on his personal experience. 


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