IMG_20181003_162647Bauhinia pottsii, alias orchid tree

Whenever wandering in forests and fields, there is this feeling of expectation, of hoping to bump into wild gloriosa lilies or into magnificent bird's nest ferns. It is said Bauhinia pottsii can be found in the wild, here in the tropical forests of Thailand. But I never came across it.
The clambering shrub that is sprawling over a wall in my garden and shows its spectacular flowers at the end of the rainy season, is easy to propagate. One cutting went to a friend who planted it on a piece of land he wants to turn into a jungle. I will follow his example. Let there be plenty of pottsii's in the wild again!

October 2018, by Karolien Bais

Plants can be equally striking for their smell or stench, their stubbornness or benevolence, their secrecy or exuberance. Whatever their features, they can make my day.
Here are some of my doozies.

Couroupita guianensis, alias cannonball tree

Amherstia nobilis, alias Pride of Burma

Dendrobium crumenatum, alias pigeon orchid

Gloriosa superba, alias juju lily

Eucharis grandiflora, alias Amazon lily

Murraya koenigii, alias curry leaf

Scadoxus multiflorus, alias blood lily

Rothmannia longiflora, alias ivory trumpet

Furcraea selloa, alias false agave

Tacca chantrieri, alias bat flower

Bauhinia pottsii, alias orchid tree