A hidden gem in Korat

Two passions merge in the garden of Watith Tangjai: his love for art and his love for plants. Set in an indistinct street in the outskirts of Korat town, the lustrous grounds behind the walls come as a surprise. And a pleasant one. His collection of plants is impressive, the arrangements are stylish and graceful. Actually, instead of a garden I would rather call it a dream. If you squint your eyes a little, the entire tableau can be absorbed as a 19th century impressionist painting.
Watith Tangjai studied fine arts in the UK, but back in Thailand he got involved in what he at that time called ‘a serious hobby’: growing palm trees.
Now the hobby has turned into a fulltime occupation. The greenhouses are not only brimming with palm trees, but also with aroids and ferns, aloes and begonias – the latter being the specialty of his wife Sansanee.
To complete the paradisical feel of 382 Space, as this garden is called, it also contains a coffee shop. Guests can enjoy the freshly brewed coffee and homemade pastries in several shady spots, surrounded by the finest plants.
Plans are to open 382 Space exclusively for the real lovers of plants, peace and quiet, by turning it into a membership club.

December 2020, by Karolien Bais


Thailand is gifted with many gardening geeks, plant collectors and specialized nurseries. It’s a pleasure to explore these gardens, and, with some luck, have a chat with the owner. Although my Thai is totally insufficient, we somehow always get down to some ‘plant talk’.