Great palms at Tweechol botanic garden

Mr Tweesackdi Sesaweech and his wife Chalarng cherish a fantastic collection of palm trees, cycads, orchids and other tropical plants. In their Tweechol botanic garden in Doi Saket, near Chiang Mai, they show the result of a life-long passion for gardening. Especially the palm collection is impressive, with mature species from Cuba, South-America, Africa and Japan. The 120 acre area has several themed gardens, a small zoo with camels and ostriches, a topiary garden and lakes.

A selection of nice specimen of palms and a cycad: (from top left to bottom right) Copernicia gigas, Copernicia macroglossa, Elaeis guineensis, Corypha umbraculifera, Livistona decipiens, Hyphaene coriacea, Livistona muelleri, Macrozamia moorei.

January 2018, by Karolien Bais


Thailand is gifted with many gardening geeks, plant collectors and specialized nurseries. It’s a pleasure to explore these gardens, and, with some luck, have a chat with the owner. Although my Thai is totally insufficient, we somehow always get down to some ‘plant talk’.